Links Rick's official website, featuring his new album!

The Moranist Handbook- A great page about Rick Moranis!!! Pictures, biography, lots of info!

Melonville Nights- SCTV!!! One of my favorite SCTV sites! SCTV newsgroup

SCTV... On The Air- Another great SCTV site! Check out "The Hoser!"

Dan Aykroyd Fan Club-- Join now!!!

BoxOfficeMania.Com's Rick Moranis site

Rick Moranis's Birthday Countdown

The Ann Belsky Moranis Art Centre-- An art foundation in the memory of Rick's late wife, Ann.

The Rick Moranis World Club-- A cool Yahoo club. It's just starting out, so join, and help build the community!

YouHoser.Com-- A very nice Strange Brew site. If you have a Strange Brew site, be sure to join the webring.

The SCTV Guide-- THE best and most informative SCTV page I've run across!

Rick Moranis DAL Page-- What is a DAL page? Read this.

Ghostbusters Italian Fan Club-- In English and Italian!

Rick Moranis World Online-- From the founders of the Yahoo! Club, comes a fabtabulous Rick page!

StrangeBrewMovie.Com-- Lots of Strange Brew goodness, including sounds, pictures, videos, script, and a plethora of other Bob and Doug fun!